Document Translation Services

Document translation involves converting texts from one language referred to as source language to another language referred as target language. However, translating documents is much more than simply conversions between languages! It includes integration of culture, language expertise as well as industry terminology. With this in mind, Global Gate Translations Ltd delivers professional document translation services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and NGOs. Our translation services are tailored to meet each of our client’s requirements.

What kind of documents does Global Gate Translations Handle?

Document translation covers varied areas or fields. It ranges from translating simple or general documents to the translation of more technical or complex ones such as legal and medical documents. Global Gate Translations Ltd translates all types of documents from and into various languages. Our translation agency caters for the following documents;

How document translation is done

While translating documents, it is very vital to understand the nature and the target language of the document. Some of the documents are general in nature while others are technical requiring specific industry terminology. Whereas general documents can be translated by any qualified native translator of a particular language, technical documents require specialized knowledge so as to manage specific industry terminology. For example legal documents can only be translated by experts in the legal field as well as medical documents need to be translated by linguists within the medical profession.

In addition, industry specific documents such as medical documents do not need to be rushed. They require enough time to ensure that the translation is accurate and perfect without minor errors. The nature of the document therefore dictates the kind of a translator and how it will be translated.

At Global Gate Translations, our project managers communicate with clients to understand the details of the project. Upon approval, the document to be translated is allocated to the qualified and specialized translator who in turn will begin the translation immediately. The project manager attached to that project will work with the client and the translator to ensure that translation process is flawless and that each detail is on truck.

For all your document translation needs, contact our project management team. We promise to deliver translation services that make each and every client satisfied

So, if would like reliable document translation services, simply get in touch today and we give you the best translation ever.