Transcription Services

Global Gate Translations Limited offers professional video and audio transcription services for worldwide clients. Our transcription services caters for recordings across a wide spectrum of industries such as; legal, medical, marketing, interview, conference, among others. In addition, our translation agency helps clients to translate transcripts from and into any language of their choice.

How is transcription service done?

Transcription involves converting a recorded audio or visual files into a written document.  In most cases the transcription professional transcribes the recording word for word in the same language. Furthermore, the transcription captures the spoken words based on the time coding and makes sure that the names of personalities featuring on the recording are reflected on the written file systematically as per time codes.

Just like any other linguistic service, transcription also requires a field specialist to write perfectly each detail and terminology used in the recording. With that in mind, Global Gate Translations Ltd ensures that each transcription project we undertake is done by a field specialist with expert knowledge. Medical transcription is executed by professionals within the medical sector, whereas legal transcription is only done by experts within the legal industry.

Why clients choose Global Gate Translations Ltd for transcription services?

Several businesses choose us to provide them with perfect transcription services for many reasons. Among these include the following;

We help clients save costs on their transcription projects by transcribing the recording direct from the source language into the target language. You therefore save costs that would be incurred on translating the transcript

We use professional translators who are field specialists to provide our transcription services

In case the client needs the transcript in several languages, we only transcribe it into the universal language such English, then translate the transcript into the target languages at discounted rates.

Our transcription services are competitively priced but we capture everything accurately.

In summary, if you would like reliable transcription services at reasonable prices, Global Gate Translations Ltd is the right choice for you. Contact our project management team today with details of your project and we shall provide you with a free quote shortly.