Seychelles Translation Services

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Accurate Seychelles Translation Services

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Seychelles Translation Services Provided

We provide a wide range top quality translation services in Seychelles. Our services cover different fields. Our services range from legal, medicine, business, general document translation, tourism, energy, ICT and many others. Some of Seychelles translation services provided include;

About Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles is Island nation located in the Indian Ocean. This country comprises of about 115 Islands. Seychelles is located in the east of main land of east Africa. Its capital city is called Victoria. It covers land area of about 460km2. As of 2022, the population of Seychelles was estimated to be about 99,426 people.

Languages of Seychelles

Seychelles is multilingual state with many languages and cultures. Furthermore the country has three official languages including French, English, and Seychellois Creoles. The primary language of Seychelles is Seychellois Creoles with about 95% of the total population being native speakers. However, English is the main language for government officials and business.

Economy of Seychelles

The economy of Seychelles is dominated by the public sector. The sector is the major contributor of gross revenue and employment in the country. Other economic activities in Seychelles include: Agriculture, fishing, boat building, printing, furniture, processing of Vanilla and coconut.

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