Makah Translation Services

Makah is one of the languages spoken in America. At Global Gate Translations, we provide Makah translation services. Our services cover all fields. We do offer transcription services also on top of translation. Our translators are native Makah language speakers. Since there is high need to revive Makah language to its glories, demand for Makah translation is high.

About Makah Language

Makah language is native language in the USA. The language belongs to Wakashan language family. It is mostly spoken in the Northwestern corner of Olympic Peninsula, Washington, and in South of Juan de Fuca. Other areas speaking the language include British Columbia, Vancouver islands, and Central coast region. The popularity of the language being used as first language ended in 2002. It is currently used in most places as second language. However efforts are being made to revive the language to its past glories. This is by teaching the language in preprimary schools.

Exceptional Makah Translation Services Provided

Our agency provides numerous Makah translation services some including;

Our services are of top quality at competitive prices. We endeavor to edit, proofread and format the translated work to meet the clients’ needs. Our charges are also competitive depending on the nature and size of the task.

We observe high degree of professionalism in our translation services. This is by employing well trained translators and allocating work to them according their fields of profession. We also ensure that the work is delivered within agreed period of time

We observe a lot of confidentiality and all our services are based on that.

Other languages that we translate include;

French, Dinka, Karamojong, Hausa, Spanish, English, Acoli, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and many others.

For all requests, simply contact our team and we shall get back to you within a short period of time.