Lugbara Translation Services

Lugbara is one of the native languages of Uganda. This language is mostly spoken in West Nile sub region. At Global Gate Translations, we provide professional and accurate Lugbara translation services in Uganda. We mostly provide Lugbara to English and English to Lugbara translation services. Further more, we  deliver accurate translation services in all other Ugandan and African languages. We provide our services at competitive prices without compromising quality.

More About Lugbara Language

Lugbara is a native language to Uganda and DR Congo. Its mostly spoken in West Nile sub region of Uganda and Orientale Province of DR Congo. This language is primarily spoken in Arua, Yumbe, Maracha, Koboko and other districts. In addition, Lugbara is closely related to Aringa, Alur and Madi.

Reliable Lugbara Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides reliable Lugbara translation services in all fields. Our services cover fields like medical, marketing, legal, tourism and many more. We also work with only native, well educated and well trained translators. All our translators are hand picked basing on experience and only handle specific fields of their expertise. Furthermore, all our translators are well versed with their traditions and cultures. This helps us to deliver well localized Lugbara translation services. In fact, our services are confidential and delivered with in agreed period of time. Some of our Lugbara translation services included;

Interpreting services, Document translation, Transcription, Language validation, Lugbara Localization and so on.

English To Lugbara Translation Services

Whenever you’re thinking of English to Lugbara translation services, just contact Global Gate Translations. This is because we’re able to deliver accurate English to Lugbara translation services. We provide these services using native linguists for accuracy and consistency.

Lugbara To English Translation Services

Our agency provides top quality and accurate Lugbara to English translation services. Since we’re African languages specialists, we have appropriate experience in handling any technicalities in all documents.

Lugbara Interpreting Services

Get competent and well experienced Lugbara interpreters at Global Gate Translations Limited. This is because we have many professional and top quality Lugbara interpreters for any interpreting needs. All our Lugbara interpreters know the correct usage of Lugbara words and phrases. Our interpreters provide all kinds of interpreting services. Some of them include: Court interpreting, Sign language interpreting, Consecutive interpreting, Telephone interpreting and others.

Other languages

Acholi, Luganda, French, Oromo, Spanish, Dinka, Ateso and others.

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