Linguistic Validation Services

Global Gate Translations provides professional Linguistic validation services. We do validate languages to meet the client’s needs. Our validation team is professional and really understand what is needed in the validation process. We provide top quality Linguistic validation services in many languages especially in Africa. Our validation exercise is always quick, accurate, reliable, trusted, confidential moreover at a competitive prices. In addition, we don’t just carry out Linguistic validation in mere native speakers but rather in native speakers with needed particular complications. That is say if the case is for sickle cells, we only interview sickle cell patients and their parents or caregivers but not anyone else. Therefore, reach to us today in case you’re interested in linguistic validation services.

What is Linguistic Validation?

Linguistic Validation should not be confused with Language Localization. Linguistic Validation refers to the process of testing the content reliability and validity of the translated Patient Reported Outcome (Pro). It involves actively testing the patients with a certain complication in the target population segment and language through interviews. Therefore, Linguistic Validation is done on patients and parents/caregivers to ascertain whether the translation can be easily understood. Linguistic Validation is really a basis in clinical research. While Language Localization simply refers to a process of adapting the product that was ready translated in many languages in to a particular region/country/ society. This can be handled with any native linguist with good knowledge of the cultural terminology.

Importance of Linguistic Validation

Linguistic Validation is very important in Clinical trial. Its advantages are quiet many but some include

  • It helps to eliminate errors that may lead to wrong conclusion by the researcher. Wrong conclusion can eventually lead to waste of time and resources.
  • It is good to ascertain the quality of the translation before conclusions are drawn.
  • It helps to obtain the right answer from the respondents. Since the translation is error free, understanding question will be easy thus right answers.

What steps are taken in Linguistic Validation?

Some of the steps taken in Linguistic Validation include;

Forward translation by native linguists. Two or more medical translators do the translation independently.

Reconciliation: the translators come together, discuss the translated text and come up with one agreed upon translation.

Back translation: the translation is then allocated to the independent native medical translator to translate it back to the source language.

Harmonization process: this step is also done by independent translators. It involves checking the reconciled translation against the back translation.

Interviews are then carried on Doctors/ Clinicians, patients, parents/caregivers to ascertain the reliability of the content to meet the clients’ needs.

Therefore, if you need high quality linguistic validation services, please get in touch today for a quick free quote.