Xhosa Translation Services in South Africa

Global Gate Translations Limited provides quick and timely Xhosa translation services in South Africa. We provide Xhosa to English and English to Xhosa translation services. Our services cut across all the fields including marketing, legal, education, tourism, energy, medical and others. Whether you’re intending to transcribe your document, don’t hesitate to let us know because we have the expert linguists to handle that task. Our experts are experienced in transcription services and we’re really passionate to help you. Furthermore, we offer professional Xhosa interpreting services in various fields in all venues.

Xhosa document translation services in South Africa

Our translators are experienced in translating any kind of document. Furthermore, our team of translators are professional with high degree of specialty. Whether your document has tight deadline, we have the potential to translate it basing on your timeline.  In fact, we work with dedicated translators and available at any time of your wish. We do our translation while maintaining quality standards. Some of the document that we translate include;

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Invitation letters
  • Menus
  • Academic document
  • Pass ports
  • Visas
  • Financial reports and any other kind of document.

Our Project Management

Having well experienced project managers in our agency is the blessing in disguise. Our project managers are professional linguists who are understandable and can understand. They are accessible at any time of need and they advise before, during and after translation. This makes our services very easy and readily available at any time.

About Xhosa Language

Xhosa is a bantu language spoken by the Xhosa people of South Africa and Zimbabwe. In fact, Xhosa is one of the official languages of South Africa and Zimbabwe. This language is known as IsiXhosa. IsiXhosa is spoken by many people as first and second language in South Africa especially in Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape and Gauteng.

Other languages

Some of other languages that we handle include: Sepedi, French, Arabic, Urdu, Japanese, Dinka, English, Italian, Chinese and many others.

If you would like timely Xhosa translation services, simply get in touch for a free quote.