What Are The Famous Languages When It Comes To Translations?

One thing for sure is that languages are part of us and one can barely survive a day without being able to communicate through a language. People all over the world use languages to communicate to others. Although different people speak different languages which is usually determined by the region they are born or have been brought up in, there are those languages that take up a very big speaking population.

Languages that are mostly spoken include;

Chinese Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world with currently over 1.31 billion speakers. While some sources say that Bengali comes next in line, others claim that Indian languages come next in like Hindi and Urdu that make up over 900 speakers.

There is Spanish that should come second to Mandarin according to some sources with an estimated 400 million native speakers. It is spoken in South America, Spain and the US on a large basis.

There is English of course with about 300 million speakers and over 1 billion who have it as a second language. There are so many countries that speak English not only as a native language but also as a result of colonialism. This language is spoken at least as a second language in almost every country in the world. For example, most sub-Saharan countries in Africa apart from a few in west Africa and Central Africa have English as a formal language; Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria to mention a few. English is spoken in Australia, Asia and North America.

What is their connection of these languages to translation?

Therefore whenever a need for translation services comes up, it is advisable that such common languages are highly considered especially if the translation need is for international purposes or for everyone and not meant for just a geographical area or region. This is because if translation services are carried out for the common languages, there is a high chance that every person of a certain language will be considered.

It should also be considered that the major international organisations adopted most of these common or widely spoken languages. This is seen during their summits where professional interpreters having the languages in question as their native tongues are hired for effective communication purposes. Such organisations include; United Nations, African Union, World Food Programme, UNESCO, Council of Europe among others.

Other commonly requested languages   for translations include;

It is advisable that when looking forward for translation services, which can be for a small project or great project that one should consider hiring a well-recognized and professional translations company for purposes of accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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