Turkana Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides exceptional Turkana translation services in Kenya. We offer Turkana to English and English to Turkana translation services. In addition, our agency offers reliable Turkana to Swahili and Swahili to Turkana translation services. All our Turkana translation projects are handled by Turkana native translators with the good understanding of their culture and terminology. Furthermore, our Turkana translation services are reliable and always delivered within agreed time moreover at competitive prices.

Industries and Institution Served

Global Gate Translations serves many industries and institutions with Turkana translation services. Some of them include: Pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, schools, courts of law, governments, research organizations, NGOs, manufacturing plants, businesses, travel agency among others.

Turkana Translation Services Provided

Here at Global Gate Translations, we provide various Turkana translation services. We provide Turkana translation for both small and big projects. Some of our services include; marketing translation, Life sciences, legal translation, interpretation, Transcription services, financial translation, linguistic validation and so on.

Professional Turkana Translation Services

Global Gate Translations works with professional translators with adequate experience in the field of translation. Additionally, our agency employs professional account managers with ability to manage each stage of the translation process. Furthermore, we ensure that every project goes to the right translators. This makes us to provide professional and accurate Turkana translation services.

Our Pricing Mechanism

Global Gate Translations prefers charging per word. However, if need be, we can also charge per page. Our charges depend on the technicality and the size of the project. We further charge according the urgency of the project. That is to say projects with more tight deadlines are slightly expensive than those with loose deadlines. All in all, our prices are very competitive on the market.

Therefore, whenever you’re looking for top quality and professional Turkana translation services, just feel free to let us know and we shall advise you immediately.

Turkana to English Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides accurate and consistent Turkana to English translation services. Our services range from document translation to interpreting services. We have a team of trained translators with ability of delivering top quality services.

English to Turkana Translation Services

We offer reliable English to Turkana translation services to all global clients. We work with only well trained native translators. 

About Turkana Language

Turkana is one of the native languages of Kenya. Its mainly spoken by the Turkana people of Kenya. Furthermore, Turkana is primarily spoken in Turkana county in northwestern Kenya. Turkana belongs to Ateker languages along with Ateso, Karimojong, Jie and Dodoth of Uganda. Toposa of South Sudan and then Nyangatom of South Sudan and Ethiopia. Those languages are closely related and they understand each other.

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