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Global Gate Translations Limited provides professional and top quality and translation services in Mali. We provide our translation services in various sectors of the economy. In fact, we strive for accurate and consistent work at our agency. Furthermore, we only work with native educated and well experienced translators. Furthermore, we provide competitive services and charge very competitive prices for all the projects. Additionally, we guarantee high degree of confidentiality to all our clients’ work. That’s the reason we’re open to signing nondisclosure agreements with clients.

Quick translation services Mali

At Global Gate Translations, we ensure very quick turnaround. We always guarantee timely delivery to all clients without compromising quality.

Translation services provided in Mali

We provide various translation services in Mali. Some include: legal translation, marketing translation, financial translation, medical translation, certified translation, technical translation, website translation, Interpreting services, Transcription among others.

About Mali

Mali is officially known as the Republic of Mali. It is one of the land locked countries located in West Africa. This country boarders Algeria to the north, Niger to the east, River Senegal and River Niger to the south and then Mauritania to the west. The capital city of Mali is Bamako. In addition, Mali is an Islamic country with about 90% of its population being Muslims. Furthermore, Mali is one of the largest countries in Africa with about 1,220,190 km2. As of mid 2020, the population of Mali was projected to about 20.3 million people and about 38.7% living in urban areas. (UN estimates)

Economy of Mali

Mali primarily depends on Agriculture and fishing. Furthermore, there is mining of gold and salt. In fact Mali is the third largest producer of gold in Africa. Other sector include; manufacturing, services sector among others.

Common Languages of Mali

Mali is a multilingual and multicultural nation with over 80 languages. The official language being French. Mali has a total of 13 national languages. These include: Bambara, Bomu, Dogon, Bozo, Fulfulde, Arabic, Hasanya, Mamara, Maninkakan, Soninke, Songhay, Syenera, Tamasheq and Xaasongaxango. All in all Bambara is the widely spoken language.

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