Translation services in Uganda

Our agency provides professional and top-quality translation services in Uganda. We cater for all Ugandan and other African languages. Furthermore, we handle other common languages of the world. Our agency is based in Kampala, Uganda. This helps us to have easy access to native translators for all Ugandan and other African languages. We have served and continuously serve institutions, government, Non-government organizations, companies, individuals in the entire globe. Our services are delivered on time moreover at reasonable rates.

Nature of our Translators

Global Gate Translations Limited works with native translators for accurate results. We continuously source for talented and well experienced professional translators for top quality work. All our translators translate to their mother tongues only. Additionally, our translators are well educated and only translate in to and from their fields of expertise. In fact, our translators have unmatched experience in translation industry. So, if you’re looking for professional and reliable translators in Uganda, Global Gate Translations Ltd is the way to go.

List of Ugandan languages handled

Uganda has over forty languages spoken by different ethnic settings. However, our agency handles all those languages in their capacities. Some of the languages include; Luganda, Swahili, Acholi, Runyankore, Rukiga, Lusoga, Ateso, Lango, Runyoro, Lugisu, Karimojong, Rutooro, Lugbara, Alur, Kakwa, Kumam, Lugwere, Lukonzo, Pokot, Aringa, Madi, Saamia, Kupsabinyi, Adhola, Luo, Nubi, Kinyarwanda, Kuku, IK, Lunyole, lukenyi, Bari, Ndo, Ndrulo, Ruuruli-Ruuyala, Gungu, Labwor and others.

If your language is missing from the list above, simply make an inquiry. Our project management team will get back you as soon as possible.

Translation services offered

Global Gate Translations offers numerous translation services in Uganda. We offer our services covering various fields and industries. Some of our services include;

  • Document translations
  • Transcription
  • Interpreting
  • Proofreading
  • Linguistic validation
  • Language localization and others.
Why us for your translation services in Uganda?

We offer top quality work within agreed timelines.

Our agency employs only experienced native linguists.

We execute high degree of confidentiality.

We charge affordable rates and we do give discounts on large volumes and many other benefits.

Brief Notes About Uganda

Uganda is a land locked country located in East Africa. It boarders Kenya to the east, South Sudan to the north, DR Congo to the west and Tanzania to the south. It’s one of the poorest countries of the world. Uganda greatly depends on subsistence farming employing about 80% of the population. This country is referred as the pearl of Africa because of its beauty. It’s one of beautiful countries with beautiful scenery, animals, variety of bird spices, lakes and rivers, mountains, waterfalls and others. This makes it one of the best tourism destinations of the world.

Fee quote

If you would like top quality and timely translation services in Uganda, simply get in touch for a free quote. One of our team members will quickly provide you with price estimates for your work.