Subtitling Services

Global Gate Translations Limited provides professional subtitling services for visual and audio recorded files. Whether you need closed captions or open captions, our expert subtitling specialists will reliably serve your needs. In addition, our company delivers voice-over and dubbing solutions all done at moderate charges.

Furthermore, we understand that it is not a matter of providing literal translation but to localize, grasping the target audience lingual nuances and slangs. The technical professionals together with expert linguists meticulously do the subtitling job and they produce true subtitles for your needs.

Reliable Subtitling services

Native language subtitles are typically word-perfect compared to translating subtitles which are often paraphrased to give the essential meaning of the dialog within the time constraints of on-screen video playback sustaining an easy reading rate for the viewer.

With our vast network of experienced, accomplished and qualified subtitle translators, we do not only render our language services in more than 200 languages but we are also resourceful, dependable, experienced and friendly.

Multilingual subtitle translation

We can help you translate subtitles from and into any language of your choice. Our project management team together with subtitle translators guarantee perfect subtitle translation moreover at competitive rates. A wide range of clients trust our translation and subtitling services. Some of these clients include the following;

  • Corporate customers
  • Advertising professionals
  • Movie and entertainment industry
  • Television and radio and many more.

More services provided

We provide a lot more reliable services such as:

  • Nuanced transcription
  • Bilingual voice overs
  • Dubbing
  • Video and audio translation
  • DVD authoring
  • Subtitle translation
  • Character voices

Furthermore, we have experience working with:

  • Promotional videos
  • Sales presentations
  • Commercials
  • Scripts
  • Films and animations
  • Interactive voice responses and more

Our translators are native speakers of the respective target languages, qualified and fluent in the source language with elite skill in subtitling. In addition, to preserve the premier quality control, the subtitles and translations are reviewed twice.

Whenever you have a need for quality subtitling, we are there to meet your requirements on time! Contact us and let us know your requirements and we will provide you with a free quote.