South Sudan Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides fast, reliable, top quality and professional South Sudan translation services. Since we are located in Kampala Uganda, it means we are just neighbors to South Sudan. Also the fact the Uganda is hosting close to one million South Sudan refugees makes it easy to access the reliable translators for all languages of South Sudan. That gives us an edge in providing well localized translation services in South Sudan. We have the ability to get true native linguists for any respective language in South Sudan. All our South Sudan translation services are quick, trusted, reliable, professional, top quality moreover at competitive prices.

South Sudan Languages Covered

Global Gate Translations Ltd covers most of the major languages of South Sudan. Our major source language is English. We translate English to and from any language of South Sudan. Some of the major language pairs include;

English to Dinka

Dinka to English

English to Bari

Bari to English

English to Nuer

Nuer to English

English to Juba Arabic

Juba Arabic to English

English to Zande

Zande to English and others

About South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest nation in Africa and it attained its independence in 2011. It’s the third world country and one of the land lacked countries in Africa. South Sudan is located in East-central Africa. Its major towns include: Juba, Yei, Wau, Malakal, Aweli, Nimule and so forth. This country is one of the war worrying nations in African continent. As of mid 2021, the population of South Sudan was estimated to be 11.4 million people (United Nations Statistics). Furthermore, 19.7% of the population of South Sudan is concentrated in urban areas. South Sudan covers landscape of about 610,952 square kilometers.

Economy of South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the poorest countries of the world. The economy of this country is very weak, underdeveloped with high dependence rates. There is also less developed infrastructure like roads, houses, electricity, schools, hospitals and others. In fact it’s believed that about 93% of the houses in South Sudan are grass thatched. This clearly shows how sick the economy is. However, the major economic activities in South Sudan include Petroleum production, Agriculture and so on. Therefore, there is need to restructure the economy of South Sudan to match with the rest of the world.

South Sudan Translation Services Provided

Here at Global Gate Translations Ltd, we provide various translation services in South Sudan. Being one of the countries with high levels of illiteracy, we always try our best to connect South Sudan with the rest of the world through reliable translation services. Our services cover all sectors and really provided with utmost care. Some of our services include;

So, if you’re interested in any South Sudan translation services, simply get in touch today for quick free quote.