Sotho Translation Services

Sotho is one of the languages spoken in South Africa, Lesotho and Botswana. Here at Global Gate Translations Limited, we provide Sotho to English and English to Sotho translation services. In addition, our translation team delivers top quality Sotho translation services in many other languages. Our translators are native Sotho speakers with the vast experience in translation industry.

Sotho Professional Translation Services

We work with professional translators with enough experience in different fields. Our translators go through training on top of their academic qualifications. They are also competent enough in dealing with all technicalities in the translation process. We practice specialization and division of labor. This makes our services too professional. Therefore, if you’re searching for Sotho professional translation service provider, Global Gate Translations is the best translation agency for you.

Sotho Translation Services Provided

We provide various services in different fields and some include;

  • Medical translation
  • Financial translation
  • Sotho book translation
  • Language localization
  • Sotho website translation
  • Legal translations among others.

Sotho Quality Translation Services

Our services are of high quality. We ensure that the original meaning is maintained. We also apply thorough checks in the work to eliminate errors. This is done by trained editors, proofreaders and other professionals. For accuracy and efficiency, we hire native Sotho linguists with a good command of their culture to eradicate translation blunders. Upon request from the client, we provide a certified translation. We make sure that we provide top quality services at a competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for high quality translation service provider, simply contact us.

At our agency, you rest assured of timely delivery of your work.

Sotho to English Translation Services

Our agency provides professional Sotho to English translation services in any sector of your preference. Our services are reliable and delivered by professional translators.

English to Sotho Translation Services

Global Gate Translations offers accurate English to Sotho translation services. We work with strictly native translators with enough experience.

Our services are confidential and we shall ensure the confidentiality for your work such that it meets the intended objectives. Upon request, we sign nondisclosure agreement with our clients before starting any work.

More about Sotho language

Sotho is the Southern Bantu language of Niger-Congo language family spoken by the Basotho people. It is an official language in Lesotho, South Africa and Zimbabwe. It is also a national language in Lesotho. Sotho is the language group that comprises of southern, Western and Northern Sotho. The Southern Sotho is also known as Sesotho language.

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