Slovene Translation Services

If you’re looking for exceptional and accurate Slovene translation services, Global Gate Translations Ltd is here to help. Our Slovene translation services cover many sectors of an economy. All the work is done by professional native translators for accuracy and consistency. At Global Gate Translations, Slovene translation services are provided at very competitive rates and we endeavor to deliver within agreed timelines. In fact, we do provide Slovene to English and English to Slovene translation services. We also provide top quality translation services to and from other languages of the globe. Some of these languages include: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and others.

Exceptional Slovene Translation Services

At Global Gate Translations, each and every project is purely and fully handled by human translators. Each translator translates into his or her mother tongue only. We have a team of professional in-house checkers for all projects before submission to the clients. Ensuring complete client satisfaction. Quality, professional work and confidentiality is ever put at the forefront of each project. We ensure that no information leakage is permitted. This purely provides us the cutting edge in providing Slovene exceptional translation services. In fact, these services are on budget and always delivered at the agreed period of time. Some of our Slovene exceptional translation services include: Slovene certified translation, Slovene editing and proofreading, subtitling, document translation, Dubbing, medical translation services, website translation, Slovene language localization and so on. So, please consult us today in case you need any clarifications.

Slovene Language

Slovene is also known as Slovenian. It is primarily spoken in Slovenia. The language belongs to Western South Germanic language of Indo-European language family. Furthermore, Slovene is an official language of Slovenia and European Union. Slovene is also a minority language spoken in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, among other countries. According to 2010 census statistics, an estimate of about 2.5 million speakers were recorded.

Other Languages

We offer quality translation services to many languages across the globe especially African languages. Some of them include: Ateso, Acholi, Somali, Dinka, Igbo, Lingala, Swahili and many others.

In case you’re in need of Slovene translation services, please reach to our desk today and get quick help.