N’karimojong Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides professional N’karimojong translation services. We offer N’karimojong to English and English to N’karimojong translation services. We also have the potential of translating N’karimojong to and from other languages. Not only do we provide N’karimojong translation services but also provide interpreting , localization, validation and transcription services in all fields.

N’karimojong top quality translation services

Being a translation agency based in Uganda, Global Gate Translations provides the top quality N’karimojong translations in the world. We only source N’karimojong native linguists to handle the translation. We offer very unique professional N’karimojong translation services. Our translators are well educated with skills in different disciplines. In our agency, we carry out internal checks to ensure that work is well translated. We offer our services at fair rates and we endeavor to deliver within agreed period of time. Our translators are also well versed with N’Karimojong culture and local idioms. This is so because N’karimojong speakers have very unique culture that shouldn’t be played with. Our translators specialize and translate in only their fields of expertise. Some of our N’karimojong translation services include;

  • Book translation
  • Language localization
  • Financial translation
  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Legal document translation
  • Contract agreement translation services
  • Financial report translation
  • Transcription services.
  • General interpreting services and others

English to N’karimojong Translation Services

We provide professional English to N’karimojong translation services in various disciplines. Our services are handled by professional native translators with remarkable experience in the field of translation.

N’karimojong to English Translation Services

We offer a list of top quality translation services from N’karimojong to English. Our translation is always well checked before delivering to the client.

N’karimojong interpreting services

Due to high level of illiteracy among the N’karimojong speakers, getting competent interpreters is not an easy task. However, at our agency, we managed to secure few interpreters with good academic qualification. All our interpreters are good in speaking both English and N’karimojong. Additionally, our interpreters are trained in the field of both Consecutive and Simultaneous interpretation. Therefore, when looking for competent and reliable N’karimojong interpreters, just contact us and we shall avail you with them.

About N’karimojong language

Some facts about N’karimojong;

  • N’karimojong is also known as Karamojong, Karimojong, Gakarimojong or Ngakarimojong.
  • The language is spoken by the Karamojong people
  • The Karamojong people are believed to have migrated from Ethiopia
  • It’s spoken in North Eastern Uganda in the famous Karamoja sub-region
  • Karamojong belongs to the Nilotic
  • The language is spoken in the districts of Moroto, Kotido, Nakapiripirit and Abim.
  • Karamojong has some dialects like Jie and Dodos
  • Karamojong people are closely related to Iteso, Bokora and Turkana of Kenya. In fact, they’re believed to be the uncles of the Iteso.
  • Karamojong people are typical Pastoralists whose lives depend on rearing livestock
  • They are well known for their unique culture especially dances, dress code and food.
  • Karamoja sub-region is the remotest and poorest region in Uganda.

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If you would like to learn more about our Karamojong translation services, simply contact us. We’ve professional team to give you the quickest assistance.

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