Morocco Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides professional and top quality Morocco translation services. We cater for different languages in various fields. At Global Gate Translations Ltd, we endeavor to work with native trained and experienced translators. We also ensure that work is consistently and accurately completed so as to meet our client’s needs. Additionally, we guarantee confidentiality to all clients.

Morocco Translation Services Provided

We provide various kinds of translation services in different fields. Some of the fields catered for include: marketing, finance, life sciences, legal, education, technical, tourism, energy, ICT and so on. Some of our translation services include: General document translation, Interpreting services, Transcription services, Website translation, Language validation, Voice overs, Subtitling and others

Quick Morocco Translation Services

We provide timely translation services in Morocco. All our translators have good speed, consistency and accurate in their work. In fact we charge very competitive prices.

About Morocco

Morocco is officially called the kingdom of Morocco. It is located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. In addition, Morocco has two coastlines – to Atlantic Ocean and to the Mediterranean Sea. It boarders Algeria to the east, Atlantic Ocean to the West, Mediterranean sea to the north, Western Sahara to the south. The largest city of Morocco is Casablanca but the capital city is Rabat. The country has total land area of about 446,300km2. As of 2022, the population of Morocco was estimated to be about 37.7 million people with about 59.6% of them living in urban areas.

Economy of Morocco

The economy of Morocco is relatively liberal governed by the theory of demand and supply. The major economic activities of Morocco are: mining, construction, manufacturing, tourism, fishing, telecom, textile, agriculture, transportation among others. Industry and mining contribute about one third of the annual GDP. All in all Morocco is the world biggest producer of phosphate.

Common languages of Morocco

Morocco is a multilingual country. The country has two official and national languages, Modern Standard Arabic and Berber. French serves as the second language and serves as the primary language for medicine, commerce, sciences and it is used in education and government. Other languages include Spanish, English and so on.

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