Medical Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Ltd provides accurate medical translation services. We deliver translations to medical research organizations, not-for-profit organizations, health care, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  In addition, our medical document translations come to you at competitive prices and in more than 200 languages. Furthermore, we offer professional and top quality interpretation and transcription services.

Translation in this field demands precision and accuracy leaving no room for errors. Global Gate Translations has intense commitment to the quality and accuracy of your medical translation as well as interpreting needs.

Reliable medical translation services

Our medical translation services are offered by a team of experts who are not only native speakers of respective languages but also experienced professionals in the medical field. We work with complete medical and pharmaceutical, qualified translators with many years of experience. Our team demonstrates excellence in delivering medical document translations.

We have experience in providing translation of medical documents such as;

  • Medical kits Adverse events
  • Patient Reported Outcome (PROs) Instruction for use
  • Informed consent forms(ICF) Marketing collateral
  • Case Reported Out come (CRO) Investigator brochure
  • Clinical trial Questionnaires
  • Contracts Labels
  • Clinical Protocol Product manuals
  • Advertising materials Scientific journals
  • Medical labels Protocol
  • prescription files Regulatory audits
  • Health and medical research. Regulatory document
  • Medical equipment and product manuals etc
  • Patient information
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and chemical patents

Quality Assurance

We understand that medical and pharmaceutical translation is a highly specialized discipline and should only be carried out by suitably qualified translators. With this in mind, Global Gate Translations commits themselves to only using qualified native medical translators.

In addition, our translations are done by expert native linguist, then additional proofreading and editing by another professional linguist within the medical field. The project will then pass through the third expert who will compare the initial translation with the edited version. We then go ahead to produce a final perfect copy suitable for medical use.

Why trust us with your medical translation project

We pride ourselves for delivering on that customer experience because clients rely on how far you understand  their needs as well as respect for one another. We have secured a good position in the translation industry due to attributes such as;

  • Delivery quality, accurate and professional
  • All projects to us are confidential.
  • Timely delivery of service
  • Perfect project management
  • Accuracy and technical perfection

In summary, if you require accurate medical translation services contact us for a free quote. We also provide medical interpreting and medical transcription services moreover delivered at reasonable prices.

For all your accurate medical translation services, simply get in touch