Mauritania Interpreting Services

Global Gate Translations is renowned for providing top quality Mauritania interpreting services. We provide top quality interpreting services in over 200 languages in Africa and world over. Furthermore, we cater for all clients in both Africa and other continents. So, whether you’re an individual, small group or big organization, just request for the interpreters and we shall provide. We can interpret in various fields including: business, conferences, medical, courts, engineering, education and all meetings. In fact, our services are accurate, consistent, reliable, affordable and provided at any venue. Only well-trained interpreters provide any interpreting services to our clients. Furthermore, our interpreters specialize in only their fields of expertise. This is in order to manage the terminology well.

Professional Mauritania Interpreting Services

We offer professional interpreting services in Mauritania. We work with only well-trained interpreters with thorough knowledge in the field of interpreting. Furthermore, our interpreters operate only in their specific fields of expertise. These and many factors enable us to provide very reliable interpreting services in Mauritania.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This is nonstop arrangement between the speaker and an interpreter. In this arrangement, interpreter interprets at the same time and pace of the speaker of the source language. The interpreter enters to the soundproof equipment, booth where he/she hears only the speakers’ words and interprets to the specific audience only through headphones. So, equipment here includes: booth, wires, headphones and others. This type of interpreting is vital for international meetings where many members speaking different languages meet.

Other types of interpreting

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Medical interpreting
  • Court interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting and so on

Interpreting Services in Nouakchotti

Global Gate Translations delivers reliable interpreting services in Nouakchotti. We cater for both conference and non-conference interpreting services. Furthermore, our team is capable of delivering professional interpreting in all language of Mauritania and major languages of world. Other major cities in Mauritania where we deliver our services include: Nouadhibou, Nema, Kaedi, Rosso and others.

Languages of Mauritania

Modern Standard Arabic, French, Berber, Bambara, Soninke, Pulaar, Wolof among others.

Other countries

Angola, Zambia, Nigeria, Algeria, Uganda, South Sudan, Sierra Leon,  and others

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