Lozi Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides reliable Lozi translation services in Zambia to all global clients. We offer Lozi to English and English to Lozi translation services. In addition, our translators are professional enough to tackle the translation of any nature in any field.  As a matter of fact, our translators do not only have academic qualifications but also massive training in translation industry. For any company or individual willing to expand market in Southwest Zambia and surrounding countries should not worry, just move on with your plans. Global Gate Translations will help you to properly communicate your message to your intended audience. We will equally help you to speak the language of your intended market. This is through our Lozi professional translation services. So, if you are in search of professional Lozi translators, simply let us know and we will help you out.

Lozi High Quality Translation Services

Global Gate Translations is renowned for providing Lozi high quality translation services across the globe.  Our major aim is to capture the meaning in the target language while maintaining the original meaning and format of the document. In fact, we endeavor to pass the translated work into the hands of editors, proofreaders to eliminate errors. We usually work with Lozi native speakers for accurate and consistent work. In brief, native speakers understand their cultures, so it helps to eliminate translation blunders.

Time Management

Time for delivering the work is one of our major concerns. We understand that time is valuable resource that should be used well. We also understand that time lost is never regained. That’s the reason we endeavor as much as possible to meet or beat client’s deadline.

Lozi Translation Services Provided

Global Gate Translations provides many Lozi translation services but some include;

Our services are confidential and we shall ensure the confidentiality of your work. Upon request we sign nondisclosure agreements with our clients.

Lozi language

Lozi also known as SiLozi or Rosi. Lozi is a native language to Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. It’s a bantu language of the Niger-Congo language family within the Sotho-Tswana branch of zone S. This language is primarily spoken by the Lozi or Balozi people of Zambia and surrounding countries. Furthermore, Rosi is developed from the mixture of Luyana and Kololo. In fact, it’s more closely related to Northern Sotho, Tswana, Kyalagari and Sotho.

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