Libya Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Ltd offers timely and accurate Libya translation services. We offer different translation services in Libya in various fields. Additionally, we provide top quality translation services in Libya for individuals, corporation, or government. We cover all languages of Libya and other African languages. In fact, our translation services are of top quality, competitively priced and very confidential.

Exceptional Libya Translation Services

Being a professional translation agency, Global Gate Translations provides very exceptional and reliable translation services in Tripoli. All our translators are natives, well trained, experienced and translate within their fields of expertise. In addition, our project managers are also well experienced in handling all technicalities in the field of translation.

Libya Translation Services Provided

Global Gate Translations offers various translation services in different fields. In fact, we cover projects in fields like marketing, finance, legal, medical, technical, tourism, oil and gas, energy, engineering and so forth. Some of the services provided include: document translation, transcription services, interpreting website translation, linguistic validation, subtitling and so on.

About Libya

Libya is the sovereign state in the Maghreb region of North Africa. This country boarders Egypt to the east, Chad and Niger to the west, Mediterranean Sea to the north, Algeria and Tunisia to the south and Sudan to the southeast. The capital and the biggest city of Libya is Tripoli. Libya primarily depends on the oil sector. Petroleum contributes to almost all the export earnings and half of the country’s GDP. Other sectors include: Agriculture, Industry, Services among others. Arabic is the major language in this country. Other languages include: Berber, Domari, Tedaga, Italian, French, English and more.

Arabic Translation services in Libya

We offer professional and top quality Arabic translation services in Libya. We offer Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation services.

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