Legal Translation Services

We are a translation agency with a professional experience in delivering reliable legal translation services to global clients. In addition, our company is a trusted provider of court interpreting services. We serve various law firms, courts, government agencies, general businesses and private individuals with multilingual legal translation as well as interpreting services.

Legal document translation services

Whether it is a start-up, medium enterprise or corporate business, legal documents need to be in place to safeguard and make their existence official. As these businesses grow, these documents even expand as more documentation is required. In addition, when these businesses extend their service offers to foreign countries, need often arises to translate the legal documents into various languages of the target markets. Our language experts are proficient in the translation of varied legal documents including the following;

  • Patent application
  • Contracts
  • Trademark applications
  • Licensing agreements
  • Subpoenas
  • Copyright registrations
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Birth certificates and many more

How we process legal translation services

Our legal translation services are strictly provided by expert professionals within the legal sector. Not to mention, our legal document translators are linguists who practice law and some of them are bar licensed lawyers. They specialize in various branches of law such as administrative law, private law, public law and criminal law, civil law, substantive law among others. Furthermore, they have experience in many legal practice areas including;

Business law
Agency law
Advertising law
Banking law
Bankruptcy law
Company law
Private international law and employment law, among others.
I will also add that our legal translators possess expert knowledge of the legal systems in various countries of origin. We make sure that all the translation projects pass all our stringent quality checks. The meticulous work of Global Gate Translations’ staff has made our company a superior resource for the international legal community, serving large and small law firms and legal departments across the world with flawless professionalism, meeting tight deadlines while delivering quality legal translations services more at competitive rates.

In summary, if you need professional legal translation and interpreting services, get in touch with us today to discuss details of you project and subsequently receive a free  quote.