Kunama Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides professional Kunama translation services. Global Gate Translations provides Kunama to English and English to Kunama translation services. We provide reliable Kunama translation services in various fields including: marketing, business, medical, life sciences, energy, manufacturing, education, religion, tourism, legal and others. Our translators do their best to meet deadlines. They always endeavor to deliver the work within agreed timeline.

Kunama Translation Services Provided

Our agency provides numerous Kunama translation services including;

Kunama Confidential Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides top quality translation services to all clients with utmost confidentiality. We always sign nondisclosure agreement before beginning any work. In our agency, we endeavor to maintain our quality standards. Since quality enhances production, we always zero our minds to providing high quality translation. We ensure that the original meaning of the source document is not altered. Furthermore, we ensure that the formats remain in their original shape. Therefore, get your top quality and confidential services from us at reasonable rates.

Kunama to English Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides professional Kunama to English translation services. We offer our services at all fields and we endeavor to be confidential enough.

English to Kunama Translation Services

We provide top quality English to Kunama translation services. Our work is ever accurate and consistently completed by native linguists.

Other languages we translate

We translate all other languages in the world including; English, French, Toposa, Oromo, Tigrinya, Juba Arabic, Spanish, Lugbara, Portuguese, Anuak, Chinese, Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Igbo, Krio and so on.

About Kunama

Kunama is one of the native languages of Eritrea and Ethiopia. This language has been included in the proposed Nilo Saharan languages though its distantly related to other languages. Additionally, Kunama is primarily spoken by the Kunama people of the Gash-Barka region in western Eritrea and just across the Ethiopian border. Kunama has several dialects including: Barka, Marda, Aimara, Odasa, Tika, Lakatakuna, Sokodasa, Takazze-Selit and Tigray.

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