Kenya Interpreting Services

Are you looking for professional interpreters in Kenya? If so, simply contact Global Gate Translations Limited. We provide professional Kenya interpreting services to all global clients. Our interpretation services are only completed by professional interpreters at their fields of expertise. We cover all fields including business, legal, medical, tourism, education, engineering, constructions and others. Our services are confidential and we ensure that no information is disclosed to un authorized parties. We are also open to signing nondisclosure agreement with clients before starting any job. Therefore, reach to us today to book your professional interpreters.

Quality Kenya Interpreting Services

Global Gate Translations is blessed with top brains that provide top quality interpreting services in Kenya. All our staff is experienced right from the project managers to all translators. For accurate work, we employ only native interpreters with good track records. Our translators are also well informed about their cultural beliefs. Thus, leading to a lot of reliability and trust in our services. So, please in case you need an interpreter in Kenya, make Global Gate Translations Ltd your one stop center.

What is the difference between Liaison and Consecutive interpreting?

Providing the difference between Liaison and Consecutive interpreting is quite hard. This is because the two seem to be very similar. Their similarity has prompted some scholars to see Liaison interpreting and one form of consecutive interpreting. However, the two types are different.

Liaison interpreting is the kind of interpreting that is performed in a two way manner. It is mostly performed between two individuals, or one person versus a small group of people. In this type of interpreting, there is no taking notes as it involves interpreting in the two-way format.

Consecutive interpreting is the type interpreting performed in bilingual conferences. An interpreter only translates to the target audience. That is to say it’s a one way interpreting. In this interpreting, an interpreter can take notes and explain to the target audience when speaker of the source language has paused.

Other Kenya interpreting services provided

  • Simultaneous interpreting services
  • Whispered interpreting services
  • Telephone interpreting services
  • Virtual interpreting services
  • Medical interpreting services
  • Court interpreting services
  • Sign language interpreting services and more.

Languages of Kenya

There are many languages of Kenya. Kiswahili is a national and one of the two official languages second to English. Other languages include: Kikuyu, Kamba, Kimiiru, Ekegusii, Oluluhyia, Kipokomo, Kigiryama, Kiembu, Dholuo, Maasai, Turkana, Kalenji, Oromo, Arabic, Somali and others.

Interpreting Services in Mombasa

Global Gate Translations Ltd provides professional interpreting services in Mombasa. Our services cover all sectors. Mombasa being a business hub of Kenya and East Africa as a whole attracts various business fraternity. This city also has very good climate and thus attracts tourists. Visitors who speak various languages come to this city. Therefore, to curb down the problem of language barrier, interpretation services in Mombasa are paramount. So, whenever you’re looking for interpreters in Mombasa, just let us know.

Interpretation services in Nairobi

We offer top quality interpreting services in Nairobi. Our services cover various languages including: French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and others. So, get in touch for your interpreters in Nairobi.

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