Kazakh Translation Services

For professional Kazakh translation services, Global Gate Translations Limited is the right agency for you. We draw from a pool of many professional translators who are scattered across different parts of the world. All our Kazakh translators are highly qualified with remarkable experience in the field of translation. Furthermore, our Kazakh translation services are on budget while considering that clients’ deadlines are met.

About Kazakh Language

Kazakh is one of the native languages of Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. Other countries speaking Kazakh include: Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Germany among others. It is one of the official languages of Kazakhstan, China and Russia.  Kazakh is a Kipchak language of the Turkic language family. According to 2016 census, Kazakh had about 15 million speakers. This language is currently written in Cyrillic script but plans to shift to Latin script are ongoing.

Kazakh Translation Services Provided

At Global Gate Translations, we provide numerous Kazakh translation services. These services cover all sectors of the economy. Our services include but not limited to;

  • Financial translation
  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Pharmaceutical translation
  • Engineering translation
  • General document translation
  • Interpreting services
  • Kazakh transcription services
  • Kazakh language localization
  • Website translation services and so on.

Kazakh to English Translation services

If you’re looking for professional Kazakh to English translation service provider, contact Global Gate Translations today. We provide any kind of Kazakh to English translation services to all clients.

English to Kazakh Translation Services

We provide very confidential translation services from English to Kazakh. Our services are accurate, consistent and reliable. This is because we work with only native linguists with appropriate experience in the field of translation.

Why choose for Kazakh translation services?

As a matter of fact, Global Gate Translations is the best Kazakh translation service provider on the market. We have the following benefits;

  • We provide professional Kazakh translation services
  • Each project is completed by native translators
  • Every document is completed by three translators (translator, editor and proofreader)
  • Time management is perfect: we deliver within agreed period of time.
  • Charge competitive prices basing on the size, technicality and urgency of the project
  • High degree of confidentiality
  • Give free advice before and after work.
  • Honest and hardworking account managers and many other benefits.

Therefore. Contact us today for any inquiry and we shall guide you accordingly.