Interpreting services

From the courtroom, to the boardroom and then to the conference room, we guarantee comprehensive language services in simultaneous, whispering and consecutive interpreting. In the first place, we work with extensive database of professional translators and interpreters selected according to the needs of clients, consenting us to always provide you with professional translation and interpreting services.

Major interpreting services we provide

Global Gate Translations Limited helps clients with interpreting services covering various fields and events. We provide interpreters in the following fields; medical, courts, conferences, business interpreting among others.

In addition, our agency delivers interpreting solutions at competitive prices and we service all major global languages.

Consecutive interpretation

Interpreters communicate their interpretations when a speaker pauses, changing back and forth between communicating parties.

Simultaneous interpretation

The interpreters are considered the world’s elite linguists. This particular interpretation requires experience, a thorough knowledge of terminology of the source and target language, ability to make instant decisions, grace and stamina under fire. They interpret concurrently at the same pace with the speaker of the source language. Moreover, they interpret a language literally as it is spoken to various audiences. These audiences may include the following;

Prominent business executives
Religious leaders
Researchers, etc
We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for:

Legal proceedings
Training courses
Medical appointments
Human resource meetings
Research discussions
Confidential business negotiations and other various events

Furthermore, tone is as important as the words themselves. We work with you to make sure we stay faithful to both your literal and sub textual meanings. In addition, we have a solid reputation, built on a commitment to excellence.

Besides Simultaneous and Consecutive interpreting, we also provide other interpreting services. some of them include: virtual interpreting, phone interpreting, whispering interpreting, among others.

In summary,  if you require professional and reliable interpreting services,  contact our team at Global Gate Translations Limited. It is advisable that you book your interpreters in advance.