Interpreting Services Sudan

Are you looking for professional interpreting services Sudan? Look no more than Global Gate Translations Limited. At Global Gate Translations, we’ve professional interpreters who can solve your interpreting problem to your satisfaction. Our interpreters can interpret in any field at any venue. Furthermore, our interpreters can deliver professional services for all languages in Sudan. Looking at the skills of our interpreters, they’re well skilled, creative, highly trained to handle any task. Further still, our interpreters are ever passionate to satisfy all clients.

At Global Gate Translations, we provide all types of interpreting and some include: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting, whispered interpreting, telephone interpreting, sign language and others. In fact are interpreting services are provided with a lot confidentiality. So if need professional interpreters, just get in touch.

How reliable are your interpreting services Sudan?

When you talk of reliability, actually our services are very reliable. Our services are only delivered by well experienced linguists with proper knowledge of the culture and religion of the Sudanese. We endeavor to do so for quality reasons. In addition, our interpreters specialize and each and every one handles his/her best possible field. This makes our services accurate and consistent.

Interpreting services provided in Sudan

We provide all kinds of interpreting services in Sudan and beyond. Our services cover all fields and we deliver as required by the client. Some of the services include;

  • Medical interpreting services
  • Court interpreting services
  • Business interpreting services
  • Telephone interpreting services
  • Sign language interpreting services and many more.

Interpreting Services in Khartoum

We provide professional interpreting services in Sudan capital of Khartoum. We offer our services while considering culture of the people. Furthermore, we have specialists in every field of your choice. Some of the other major cities of Sudan include: Omduman, Khartoum North, Port Sudan, Kassala and others.

About Sudan

Sudan is also known as North Sudan. It’s located in North Africa. Sudan boarders Eritrea, Red Sea, and Ethiopia to the east, Egypt to the north, South Sudan to the south, Central African Republic to the southwest, Libya to the northwest and Chad to the west. It is the third largest country in Africa.

Languages of Sudan

Sudan is blessed with over 114 languages. These languages belong to different ethnic groups. The primary language spoken in Sudan is Sudanese Arabic. This language is spoken in the entire country.  It has many dialects and some include: Chadic Arabic, Najdi and Hejazi. Other language in Sudan include Beja, Fur, Nubian, English, Tigre, Daza and others.

Sudanese Arabic Interpreting Services

Our company provides professional Sudanese Arabic interpreting services using fellow native trained interpreters. Since Sudanese Arabic has some dialects, we also ensure that only native linguists of the needed dialect delivers the translation. This is to avoid confusing the audience leading to an accepted information.

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