Interpreting Services South Sudan

Global Gate Translations Ltd provides professional interpreting services in South Sudan. We provide interpreting services in South Sudan covering all native languages of South Sudan and other foreign languages. Some of the languages include: Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Zanda, Juba Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese and others. Our interpreting services are conducted by the team of professional interpreters with good experience in the field of interpreting. Our services cover field like medical, legal, environment, education, transport, constructions and others. Additionally, we provide professional services for any kind of client at any venue. Further still, our services are very confidential. We actually ensure that the conversation ends in the interpreting site and no information is leaked to un authorized people.

Quality interpreting services South Sudan

At Global Gate Translations Limited, we provide high quality interpreting services in South Sudan. We work with only reliable linguists with clear knowledge of their cultural beliefs. In addition, our interpreters are well trained and have vast experience in the field of interpretation. These makes our services accurate reliable and trusted.

Major towns where we provide interpreting services in South Sudan

We provide reliable interpreting services in most of the major towns of South Sudan. We can also extend our services to other venues depending on the appointment. Some of the major towns include; Juba, Nimule, Abeyi, Bor, Akobo, Aweil, Malakal and others.

Interpreting Services in Juba

We deliver professional interpreting services in Juba covering many languages of the world. Our team delivers both conference and non-conference interpreting services. So, whenever you need professional interpreters in Juba, simply contact us

Interpreting services provided in South Sudan

In South Sudan, we provide numerous interpreting services in all corners of the country. Some of our interpreting services include;

  • Simultaneous interpreting services
  • Consecutive interpreting services
  • Whispered interpreting services
  • Medical interpreting services
  • Court interpreting services
  • Virtual interpreting services
  • Telephone interpreting services
  • Liaison interpreting services and others.
Dinka Interpreting Services in South Sudan

We provide professional Dinka interpreting services in South Sudan. Our services cover all Dinka dialects and only handled by the natives of such dialects.

About Dinka

Dinka is a national and commonly spoken languages in South Sudan and Sudan. The Dinka dialects include: Bor, Ngok, Rek, Agaar, Twic/Twi East and others. As of today, Dinka speakers are spread in different parts of the world. Some of the country hosting Dinka people include; USA, Australia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, DR Congo and others.

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