Interpreting Services Angola

For professional and reliable interpreting services Angola, contact Global Gate Translations Limited. We offer professional interpreting services to and from many languages. We’re blessed with a number of professional interpreters with thorough knowledge in the field of interpreting. Our interpreters are native linguists with good professional ethics. Furthermore, our agency provides interpreting services in occasions like courts of law, hospitals, churches, schools, seminars, conferences, tourism, constructions, research and so on. In fact our services are of top quality, accurate and inline with the culture of the target audience. Additionally, we offer professional interpreting services in Angola at very competitive prices and we observe the high degree of confidentiality.

Nature of Our Interpreters

At Global Gate Translations, our interpreters are well educated, native, professional and understand all the trends in the field of interpretation. Additionally, our interpreters interpret only in their field of specialty.

What languages do you provide interpreting services Angola?

We endeavor to provide various interpreting services in many languages of Angola. Some of the languages include: Portuguese, English, Bange, Spanish, French Cokwe, Fiote, Helelo, Kikongo, Kimbunda, Kwanyama, Lunda, Ngangela, Ngoya, Nyaneka, Oxiwambo, Songo, Umbundu and so on. We provide interpreting services from English into Angolan languages and vice versa.

Interpreting Services in Luanda

For professional and reliable interpreting services in Luanda, contact Global Gate Translations. We cover all sectors and observe high degree of confidentiality. All our interpreters are trained with reliable experience in the field of interpreting. Besides, we offer our services in other cities like Huambo, Lobito, Lubanga, Kuito and others.

Interpreting services provided in Angola

Global Gate Translations offers various interpreting services in Angola. We provide interpreting in any field of your choice. Some of the interpreting services include;

Simultaneous interpreting: an interpreter interprets in to many audience through a booth. The main speakers’ information is directed to the interpreter in the booth who has connection to only target audience. The message is received by only the intended recipients. Therefore, instrument needed here include: headphones, microphones and others

Consecutive interpreting: an interpreter waits for the speaker to complete the sentence before he/she interprets in the target language. It involves the speaker pausing a bit to allow the interpreter time to interpret to audience before they continue.

Telephone interpreting: this involves carrying out all interpreting process through phone call.

Whispered interpreting: this is interpreting for one or two people. It is common form interpreting in tourism sector by tour guides, constructions, installation of plants and so forth.

Liaison interpreting: this is also known as bilateral interpreting. It involves the interpreter being the mediator of two parties negotiating on something. The participants must be few. The interpreter has to interpret speeches from both sides. Therefore, one has to keep on switching from one language to another.

Sign language interpreting: this involves the use of nonverbal communication to deliver the message to the audience. It is meant for the deaf. This form interpreting involves the use of signs, symbols, body posture, gestures and others

Other countries we provide interpreting services include: Egypt, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Comoros, Rwanda, Tanzania and many others.

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