Hungarian Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Ltd offers professional Hungarian translation services. We provide Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian translations. We also offer Hungarian translation services to most of the key languages in the world. In fact, other key languages that we focus on include: Spanish, Italian, French, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, German among others. We always ensure that each and every Hungarian project is handled by highly trained Hungarian native translator. This helps us to bring out not only professional Hungarian translation but also top quality and reliable Hungarian translation services.

Hungarian Translation Services Offered

We work with qualified in-country translators capable of providing accurate Hungarian translation services in different areas. Our translators do not just translate but rather specialize in specific areas like;

  • Marketing translation
  • Financial translation
  • Engineering translation
  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Pharmaceutical translation services
  • Mechanical translation
  • Energy and gas
  • Tourism and hospitality services
  • Interpreting services
  • Transcription of any nature and so forth.

All our Hungarian translation services are confidential and we shall ensure the good security of your project. Furthermore, at Global Gate Translations, you’ll rest assured that your project will be delivered within agreed timeline. In addition, our charges are ever competitive and we charge depending on the size, technicality and the urgency of the project.

Hungarian to English Translation services

We translate any kind of documents from Hungarian to English. Our aim is always top quality work and all our services are provided under that principle.

English to Hungarian Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides highly recommendable English to Hungarian translation services. We provide our services in all fields. In fact, our services are of top quality and delivered in time. So, reach to us today in case you need top quality English to Hungarian translation services.

Key Facts about Hungary

Hungary is one of the European countries located in central Europe.

  • It covers the geographical area of about 93,030 square kilometers
  • The capital city of Hungary is Budapest.
  • 76% of the Hungarian population are Christians.
  • Hungary has one of the fast-growing economies in the world.
About Hungarian Language

Hungarian is the most spoken language in Hungary. In addition, it is an official language of Hungary and European Union. Hungarian belongs to Uralic language family and it’s believed to be the most spoken Uralic language of the world. Hungarian is also spoken in other countries like Croatia, Poland, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and other parts of the USA.

In case you’re interested in top quality Hungarian translation services, simply get in touch today for a free quick quote