How Professional Translations Can Take Your Business Global

Send me the Colgate tube’ when one is referring to some other type of toothpaste that is not Colgate, ‘stop me at the Shell gas station’ when in fact directing the taxi driver to stop you at a gas station that has nothing to do with Shell.

Many are guilty of the above because of the entrepreneurs, brands and Franchises that ring a bell when mentioned in even the remotest nook on planet earth. These businesses however famous were once new, unrecognized and known only in the regions of their origin.

As time passes, the idea of going global gradually begins to come to life as necessary measures are put in place. Small businesses then expand from one town to the neighboring ones, until the ripple effect is felt in almost every country.

The necessary measures to put this in effect may differ from one business to another. But  successful business have some effects  in common and effective localization is one of them. Here the product or services are designed to adapt and meet the needs of the new town, market, country, language and population.

Speaking of Languages

We see fa products in supermarkets with labels in various languages, while in other countries likes Germany where they might have originated from, they have their labels in only the German language. Most products come with labels and directions appearing in many languages. On the other hand, there are those that have the same in only one language in a particular area code.

A product information label in the English language.
A product information label of the same product in the Spanish language.

The reason might be that some countries have fewer or even one native language while others have an unending list of languages. For example;

  • In Denmark, Danish is the official national language, there is Foroese and Greenlandic that are official regional languages making it the three major languages.
  • On the other hand, German is the major language spoken in Germany which might explain why most products and services in this country only come in Deutsch.
  • On the extreme side so to say, Africa alone boasts of more than 1500 native languages  that are accompanied by the major ones synonymous with the rest of the world which are; Arabic, French and English.

Translations comes in

Taking a business global does not only require translations but rather professional translation services. The word professional comes stressed because accuracy means everything if the goals of the business are to be met.

Professional translation companies usually are comprised of native speakers for particular languages in a targeted market. These do the work within the context and cultural makeup of the society. Additionally, native translators work with in the makeup of the language in a region or country for effective communication. This includes having mannerisms, proverbs and jargons in mind so as not to in anyway offend or rub the targeted market the wrong way.

Using Professional Translation companies ensures;

  • That the message intended for a particular target market comes across as it is intended by the business owner with no distortion or omissions of relevant information.
  • This in turn favors the intended market to, as clients get to read and fully understand whether the particular product suits their needs or not.
  • In turn, the business wins over the trust and the loyalty of its customers thus boosting the business.
  • A business steers clear within the investment and business laws and regulations that govern the economy in a particular country.
  • That a sound reputation is made or maintained; this comes about by effective communication with customers thus winning over their loyalty.
Translation Services that are useful in the Business world

It should be noted that products and services of foreign companies are usually highly priced compared to those of the local companies. Therefore, the need to out compete the latter should be a priority by effectively communicating to the targeted market in a language they understand best.

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