Guidelines for a Quality Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a medical profession that majorly involves converting voice-recorded medical information, records and reports by doctors and physicians in to text-form. Medical information and reports are generated on a daily basis in almost every hospitals, pharmacies and clinics.  The records and medical information documentation are very crucial to serve several purposes like meeting insurance policy requirements, keep track of the patients’ health history and a lot more. This information can either be stored on digital tools like computers and other storage devices or on paper and physical files as well.

How Medical Transcription is done

When the Medical transcriptionist receives the voice recorded reports from physicians, nurses and doctors or any other medical personnel.  Then they carefully sit in a quiet place and with the help of headphones listen to the recordings and translates voice notes into text or written format. This is mostly done using a Microsoft word application on the computer.

When all this is done, the medical transcriptionist goes through all the translated work and re-checks for possible mistakes, wrongly transcribed words and any grammatical errors. The transcriptionist finally saves the translated information in their respective folders for easy management and retrieval.

The medical transcriptionist then has to send the translated files to the chosen and qualified proof reader who goes through all the files and makes sure everything is correctly done and the work is of good quality. The proofreader now sends the files back to the transcriptionist who takes them back to the physicians or doctors that own them. The doctors go through the files for further corrections. When they are finished, they sign on them and preserve them as their patients’ records for future reference.

Qualities of a Good Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Training and Knowledge: For one to become a medical transcriptionist, he or she must have acquired some sort of medical training or experience. This will equip him or her with thorough knowledge about medical terminologies and phrases. Training in the transcription job is also a must since it contains a lot than just transfer of voice notes to words. Therefore, for one to be trusted with a medical transcription job, medical transcription training should be considered first.

Grammar skills:  A medical transcriptionist should be very good at the grammar in the target language. This includes perfecting in fields like spellings, punctuation, word spacing, verbs and nouns. That plus many others should be in order  for him/her to be able to come up with high quality medical transcriptions.

Excellent listening skills:  A good medical transcriptionist should have good listening skills for him to be able to grasp each and every word in the voice notes and transfer them to text form in the right order not leaving anything behind for a perfect medical transcription service.

A recognized translations and transcription agency: One should highly consider medical transcriptionists working with a known and recognized agency for perfect medical transcription results. This is simply because the transcriptionists will be working as a team which eases the task and takes a short time to have the job done than just using a single medical transcriptionist.

Therefore, for high quality medical transcription services, the medical training and knowledge plus the use of a certified and recognized transcriptions agency among others are very crucial and should be well considered before undertaking a medical transcription job.

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