Dholuo Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides professional and reliable Dholuo translation services to all global clients. We provide top quality services in various fields using reliable native translators. Some of the fields covered include: marketing, life sciences, public health, pharmaceutical, medical general, finance, legal, business, tourism and culture, energy, education, religion among others. We primarily provide Luo to English and English to Luo translation services. However, we can as well provide Luo to Swahili and Swahili to Luo translation services. Therefore, always get in touch for your best translation services.

About Luo

Dholuo is one of the Luo languages spoken in Kenya and Tanzania. This language is spoken by about 4.2 million people in Kenya and Tanzania. The Dholuo speakers mainly occupy parts of eastern shore of Lake Victoria and areas of the south. Dholuo is also commonly known as Luo, Lwo, or Lwoian. Furthermore, Dholuo is mutually intelligible with Acholi, Lango, Alur, Adhola and Kumam of Uganda. In addition, Dholuo is related to Shilluk-collo, Belanda, Bor, Juri, Thuri of South Sudan and then Anuak of Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Reliable Dholuo translation services

Our agency provides reliable Dholuo translation services to global clients. We work with only reliable native linguists with unmatched experience in translation industry. Furthermore, we ensure that each linguist is allocated the job in line with their academic profession and expertise. Further still, we endeavor to deliver the work within agreed period of time.  In addition, our services are confidential and we are always willing to sign nondisclosure agreement with clients before starting any job. In fact, we charge reasonable rates and we’re always open for negotiations with our clients. Therefore, if you’re looking for professional and reliable Dholuo translation services, look no further than Global Gate Translations. We’re always willing to serve you with all your document translation, interpretation and transcription requirements.

Dholuo to English translation services

Global Gate Translations works with professional bilingual translators with unmatched working experience in both Luo and English. All our translators have C1 and C2 levels of English proficiency. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for your Luo to English translation projects.

English to Dholuo translation services

Our agency delivers top quality English to Luo translation services using only professional native translators. Our translators deliver professional services with their domains of expertise. This helps us to offer not only top quality services but also professional services moreover on budget.

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If you would like reliable Luo or Dholuo translation services across various fields, simply get in touch.