China Translation Services

Global Gate Translations provides top quality translation services in China. We deliver reliable and accurate china translation services that meet the request and demands of each client. As many businesses begin to look at new markets in different countries, international marketing strategies such as online marketing, SEO and others are becoming popular. Moreover, the businesses have realized the benefit of marketing their products and services in the local languages of the target markets making translation services inevitable.

Professional China translation services

Translation has become essential in today’s global economy and our mission is to grant your company a competitive edge and advantage by providing professional language solutions with unique reliability and excellence.

Our network of expert professional native translators and accomplished experts in the multitude of sectors and industries have amassed a wealth of experience to convey exceptional results upon your request. We deliver china translation services catering for documents spanning varied industry fields. Some of the fields we offer our language services include the following;

  • Legal
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Information Technology and software
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Automotive and many more

Chinese translation services

Our agency has experience in delivering Chinese translation services for all types of documents.

About China

Capital: Beijing

Currency: Renminbi

Government type: Communist

Industries: China is the world’s largest exporter of varied products. Also leading producer of steel, coal, cement, farm-use chemical fertilizer and television sets. Focus on information technology, consumer products, toys, textiles, ship building, iron and steel, mining, manufacturing, construction and power (thermal, hydro, solar and nuclear)

More interesting facts about China: Great Wall of China is more than 2000 years old and is 4500 miles long.

Fortune cookies are not long standing Chinese tradition; they were invented in 1920 in San Francisco.

Renminbi is the form of Chinese currency, not the Yuan. Yuan is the actual unit of monetary measurement, Renminbi is the formal term for the currency used in china but Yuan is pretty much used interchangeably. Yuan in China is comparable to the dollar in America, but in China it is not used like the dollar is used in America, therefore Renminbi=currency and Yuan= Unit.

In case you need any advice on how to reach your target foreign markets by localizing your original marketing and advertising content, get in touch with us today.