Burundi Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Limited provides accurate and top quality Burundi translation services. We offer professional translation services in Burundi. Our services are only offered by native linguists at different fields. In our agency, project allocation is based on expertise, experience and reliability. Furthermore, we offer quick, timely and confidential translation services to all our clients. All this is done without compromising the quality standards.

Reliable Burundi Translation Services

At Global Gate Translations, we provide highly reliable Burundi translation services for you. We ensure that  work passes through different hands before it’s delivered. These hands include: translators, editors, proofreaders and others. This is to ensure that quality standards are met. Therefore, whenever you are looking for reliable translation services in Burundi, please contact us at Global Gate Translations. Some of our Burundi reliable translation services include;

Medical translation, Financial translation, Legal translation, Marketing translation, Website translation, Language localization, Transcription services, General interpreting services, Subtitling and other services

In case the services you need are missing on the list, simply let us know and we will advise.

About Burundi

Burundi is one of the smallest countries in Africa. It’s located in east central Africa. This country is among the great lakes nations of Africa. Burundi is a landlocked country and thus no direct access to the sea. This country boarders DR Congo to the west, Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south. The capital city of Burundi is Bujumbura and other major towns include: Bubanza, Bururi, Magara, Mukenke, Buhongo, Cankuzo, Makamba among others. The population of Burundi is projected to be over 11 million people with 13.4% of the people living in urban areas.

Languages of Burundi

In Burundi, the most spoken language is Kirundi. This language is one of the three official languages of Burundi. In fact it’s the national language and it’s estimated that about 98% of the people of Burundi speak Kirundi. Other official languages include French and English. Besides, there are minority languages spoken in Burundi and one of them is Kiswahili.

Kirundi Interpreting Services

We provide professional Kirundi interpreting services in Burundi and other parts of the world. Our services cover all fields and we provide them at any venue. Furthermore, we provide professional and top quality interpreting services using only native linguists. We do provide Kirundi to English and English to Kirundi interpreting services. we also provide Kirundi to Drench and French to Kirundi interpreting services.

Therefore, whenever you’re in need of top quality and perfect Burundi translation services, please get in touch and we shall advise accordingly.