Akan Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Limited offers top quality Akan translation services. Our agency provides reliable Akan to English and English to Akan translation services. We work with only native linguists for accuracy and consistency of the work.  Our services are reliable, professional and provided at any field.

About Akan Language

Akan language is the native language of the Akan people of Ghana.  Its a central Tano language spoken by about 58% of the people of Ghana and about 30% of the people of Ivory Coast .  Akan language is also spoken by the Tchumbuli people of Benin. This language belongs to the Niger-Congo language family.  Furthermore, Akan language consists of some dialects including; Twi, Asante and Fante.  Akan is also a common language spoken in West Africa (Wikipedia). However, at Global Gate Translations Ltd, dealing with different dialects of Twi, Asante and Fante is easy because the company employs native speakers to handle the tasks of either translation, transcription or interpreting.

Our Rates

At Global Gate Translations Ltd, we charge very competitive rates and always open for negotiations. We do offer discounts for long term clients and large volumes. Our mode of pricing also depends on the size, sensitivity, technicality and urgency of the work. Some projects are very technical that it requires too much attention in handling them. Sensitive documents also require enough attention and time to avoid any errors that may endanger some body’s life or business. So, Global Gate Translations Ltd charges  sensitive and urgent projects differently from general documents

Examples of sensitivity and technical projects

The following are the examples of sensitive and technical documents;

Akan to English Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Ltd offers professional Akan to English translation services. We provide our services in any field and aim at top quality work. This is only delivered by professional Akan translators with high proficiency level in English.

English to Akan Translation Services

We provide high quality English to Akan translation services. Our services are offered by only professional native translators. We cater for all Akan dialects and only use native speakers for each dialect. This makes our services reliable, consistent and accurate.

Ghana Translation Services

We provide professional and accurate translation services in Ghana. Our translation services are only carried out by native linguists in their fields of expertise. Furthermore, we cover all African and non-African languages. Our services are quick, competitively priced and delivered in time. So, if you need any translation services in Ghana for any language, simply get in touch.

If you would like professional Akan translation services, simply contact us today for a free quick quote.