Afrihili Translation Services

At Global Gate Translations Ltd, we offer high quality translation for all kinds of Afrihil documents. We’re dedicated in offering reliable Afrihil translation services to global clients using experienced linguists. This language is a constructed language designed by Ghanian historian K.A Kumi Attobrach in 1970 to be used as lingua franca in all African countries. The name of the language was derived through the combination of Swahili and African. 

High quality Afrihil Translation services

At Global Gate Translations Ltd, quality is our first priority when handling any translation project. From time of receiving the project by the project manager, the project passes through different stages before its delivered back to the client. The project passes through translators, editors, proof-readers and other stages before its delivered to the client. The entire process is handled by talented native linguists. Some quality Afrihil translation services provided include;

  Translation Project Life Cycle

The project stages include the following;

Project manager. This is the person responsible for receiving the project from the client and then allocate it to the specific competent translator. In fact, it’s the duty of the project manager to receive and deliver the project back to the client. He or she is also responsible for overseeing the entire project life cycle.

Translator. This is the second stage of the projects’ life cycle. It’s here where the actual translation is done. Translation is done by professional translators with experience in the needed field.

Editor. This is the third stage in the life cycle of the project. It’s here where the editing is done.

Terminology manager. This is the fourth stage in the projects’ life cycle. It’s here where the terminology used in the translation is checked to know whether it’s in conformity with tradition and culture of the target people.

Desktop publishing. This is the fifth stage in the life cycle of the project. Here the project is checked to prove whether it’s in the format required by the client.

Proof-reader. This is sixth stage of the projects’ life cycle. Here all mistakes are corrected then the project is handed to the project manager who then delivers the project to the client.

Basing on above stages, quality management and quality assurance is perfect.

Our services are confidential and we endeavor to deliver the work within agreed time frame.

For any accurate and reliable Afrihil translation services, simply get in touch today for a quick free quote.