Dinka Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Limited provides professional and top quality Dinka translation services in South Sudan. Our agency offers Dinka to English and English to Dinka translation services. Our translators are native Dinka linguists with appropriate experience in the field of translation. We offer professional Dinka translation services in all fields.

Dinka belongs to Western Nilotic branch of Nilo-saharan languages spoken mainly in South Sudan. Dinka  consists of mainly five major dialects which are more or less understandable. These dialects include Bor, Rek, Ngok, Agaar and Twi East.  Dinka people are tall, dark skinned and slender whose stable food is locally called “Kesira”. Due to insecurity in South Sudan, Dinka people are almost scattered allover the world. The majority of them are currently settled in  Uganda, Australia, USA, Kenya, DR. Congo and many other countries.

Dinka Translation Services offered

Here at Global Gate Translations Ltd, we offer a variety of Dinka translation services. Some of them include the following;

  • Passport translations services for all Dinka seeking to travel abroad.
  • Dinka Refugee settlement document translation
  • Relief document translation
  • Education material
  • Religious material
  • Medical documents, Life Science, Pharmaceutical
  • Legal documents.
  • Transcription services.

 Professional Dinka translation services

Our translators are professional in translation services.  Since many Dinka people fled insecurity from South Sudan, most of them settled in Uganda. This helped some of them to access education in Uganda.  And since Global Gate Translations Ltd is a Ugandan based company, accessing well qualified Dinka translators is easy.  In fact their services here at our agency are marvelous and of top quality. So if you’re looking for professional Dinka translation service provider,  just let us know. Whether you want professional Dinka transcription and interpreting services, simply let us know. This is because we provide all those services

The fact that there is high degree of illiteracy among the Dinka communities makes communication very difficult. This is because very few Dinka speakers are able to speak, read and write English. To try to close such gaps in the chain of communication, its vital to have your document translated into Dinka. Therefore, reach us today and have your document translated into Dinka for easy communication.

Dinka to English Translation Services

Global Gate Translations limited provides professional Dinka to English translation services. We provide our professional services to all clients. So, whether you’re an individual or corporate entity, just let us know of your Dinka to English translation needs and we shall help.

English to Dinka translation services

We offer accurate and top quality English to Dinka translation services. Our services are only delivered by trained native translators with good command of both English and Dinka languages. Furthermore, we endeavor to deliver any kind of interpreting services at any fields to our esteemed clients.

Our services are delivered with in agreed time moreover at competitive rates. In addition, we’re confidential and we always guarantee the privacy of the clients’ work.

Other languages spoken in South Sudan include;

Nuer, Bari, Juba Arabic, Zande, English, Luo, Murle and others.

So, if you would like professional Dinka translation services, simply contact us today for a free quote.