Comoros Translation Services

Global Gate Translations Limited provides exceptional translation services in Comoros. Our Comoros translation services are of high quality, professional and we deliver within agreed period of time. Additionally, we localize translation services by human beings for human beings. Our Comoros translation services are accurate, reliable and we charge very competitive prices.

Accurate Comoros translation services

At Global Gate Translations, speed and accurate are some of our major concerns when handling any project. That’s the reason as to why we ensure that we work with only well trained and experienced native translators. Furthermore, we guarantee quality assurance for all projects. This helps to provide reliable and consistent translation services.

The nature of Comoros translation services provided

We cater for various translation services in Comoros. We also cover different departments in the economy including business, medicine, energy, tourism and hospitality, engineering and so forth. Our major translation services provided in Comoros include; Document translation, Transcription, Interpreting services, Website translation, Subtitling, Language validation and others.

About Comoros

Comoros is a sovereign archipelago island country located in Indian Ocean. This Island is located between northwest Mozambique and northwest Madagascar. It boarders Tanzania to the northwest and Seychelles to the northeast. The capital city of this Island is Moroni. Comoros is the third smallest country in Africa by area with the total area of about 1,861km2. The population of this Island is estimated to be 900,000 people with about 28.2% living in urban area.

Economy of Comoros

The economy of Comoros is poor with high levels of unemployment and dependency syndrome. The major economic activities of Comoros include: Agriculture, fishing, forestry, and hunting. This activities contribute to about 40% of the GDP and employs about 80% of the total population. Other economic activities include: industry, tourism, infrastructure and others. Although the country is trying its best to produce food, the production is still low and cannot sustain the entire population. Therefore, the country imports some food stuffs like rice which is their staple food.

Common languages spoken in Comoros

The commonest language spoken in Comoros is Comorian. Comorian is spoken by about 96.9% of the population of Comoros. However, the language is mostly for oral use. This language is among the three official languages of Comoros. Other official languages include: Arabic and French. English is a language of instructions at school especially high levels.

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